Yvonne Swanepoel

Practice Manager

Whilst studying her BA Psychology and psychology honours, Yvonne worked at Akeso Crescent Clinic . Over the 9 years at Crescent clinic Yvonne held many different positions of which the last 5 years was spent as a co-ordinator for the Young Adults Program (YAP) and the Eating Disorder Unit (EDU). YAP is a dynamic program working with teenagers between the ages of 14 – 18 years. The EDU is a dedicated unit for patients of all ages suffering from eating disorders. Being part of both YAP and EDU has given Yvonne an opportunity to work in a mutli-disciplinary team, an experience through which she has learned about the strengths that come from working with professionals of different qualifications, such as psychiatrists, doctors, neurologists, psychologists, nurses and patients.

Working in different roles over the years in a psychiatric environment, afforded Yvonne the opportunity to better understand how these organisations work from the medical aid process, to the technicalities of in-patient care and clinical planning. In her role as co-ordinator for both the YAP and EDU, Yvonne worked closely with parents and patients, facilitating their assessments, admissions and managing each patients’ day to day stay. The role largely entailed promoting communication between the members of the treating team and between the team, the patient and their parents.

Being part of the administrative department gave Yvonne an opportunity to view the field of psychology from a different perspective. She learned how an administrative department serves as the platform of any institution and how important it is for systems to be integrated correctly. Yvonne is able to liaise with medical aids on behalf of patients and practitioners and always remains enthusiastic about learning more.

Yvonne also assisted in subscription renewals for the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing – The largest online Psychoanalytic data base (PEPWEB) and the ongoing administration for subscribers.

Yvonne joined Mindful Psychology Practice in October 2015 as practice manager and is involved with general administration, co-ordination and organisation. She completed her Psychology (Hons) at Unisa and is hoping to further her qualification in Psychology going forward.

“I find the different ways people go about personal change and the changing of their environments and circumstances interesting and inspiring. I try my best to learn from those experiences whilst supporting the process to my best ability”

Yvonne can be contacted for any questions with regards to the practice, psychologists or website.

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