Nicolene Scott


Clinical Psychologist

Nicolene is a registered clinical psychologist. Her studies in psychology began out of an interest in and desire to know more about the inner world of people. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child and Family Psychology, as well as her Honours Degree in Psychology at the University of Johannesburg. Following this, Nicolene spent three years working with children in both educational and therapeutic contexts before continuing her studies and obtaining her Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand. During her two years of internship training and community service work, Nicolene has gained much experience in working with adults, children and their families. She has worked in a number of government hospitals and clinics as part of multi-disciplinary teams treating a variety of conditions. The decision then came to move into private practice where Nicolene has been working for the past two years.

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With a passion for music, Nicolene admires how when we can be in touch with the creative parts of ourselves, we encourage and inspire growth and well being. Nicolene values the creative; those parts of ourselves that allow us to be inquisitive, to explore, to take chances, to generate, to change our minds. Whether we think of ourselves as creative or not, creativity is innate and part of each of us. Nicolene enjoys engaging those creative parts that are able to discover new things, experiment, acknowledge and appreciate a person’s rich inner world – that place where possibilities are realized. [/shc_shortcode

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Invested in the emotional well being and holistic development of her clients, Nicolene works to assist them in gaining insight into their difficulties and current patterns of thinking and behaving. The therapy sessions are therefore aimed at exploring with clients their inner worlds and experiences; past and present, and assisting them in becoming more aware of themselves and finding ways to become more functional in different aspects of their lives.


Special Interests

Adult therapy

Adolescent therapy

Child therapies



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