Daniel Sly

Counselling Psychologist

Dan is a counselling psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as well as the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF). Prior to completing his Master’s degree at Wits, Dan volunteered as a telephonic counsellor at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). He also volunteered at Headway, at the Alexandra branch, where he assisted people who had traumatic brain injuries. He received his training at the University of the Witwatersrand, completing a BSc, BA (Hons) and MA (Community-Based Counselling Psychology). Dan is primarily trained to work in a psychodynamic modality. He completed his internship at Ububele Education and Psychotherapy Trust where his interest in psychodynamic psychotherapy continued to grow. His Master’s and internship years provided him with the skills and interest in both psychotherapy and community work as he dealt with a broad range of challenges and difficulties. He is currently completing the ‘Working with Groups’ course at Ububele. This course is internationally accredited by the Institute of Group Analysis, London, giving him further knowledge and training in running and working with groups.

The psychodynamic perspective suggests that each person has unconscious processes and drives which are not accessible to our conscious minds. One’s unconscious develops from early experiences and drives. It continues to develop and interact with the external world, shaping our relationships and the way that we view ourselves. Within this modality, it is believed that childhood experiences are crucial in the development of one’s personality. Our behaviour and feelings are powerfully affected by unconscious processes. People and their personalities are affected by and affect the people around them. Psychotherapy allows a safe space for people to explore themselves without the need for the constraints that society often provides. Dan views therapy as a process in which we can express our thoughts, experiences and feelings. The therapy that Dan offers aims at developing an understanding of one’s self so as to create deep and enduring changes in one’s life. Therapy is driven at times by the client and at others by the therapist in an attempt to gain insight and awareness. However, we are complex beings and therapy differs, based on the needs of each person. Dan believes that the primary road to healing and growth occurs through the relationship that develops between a person and a therapist.

Dan has a particular interest in the way that gender, race, class and previous experiences intersect in a manner that shapes our social experiences. He enjoys uncovering and challenging certain, expected ways of being and thinking. In so doing, he hopes to add to the development
of a more equal society as well as allowing the opportunity for individual exploration of the self. Dan hopes to assist people in gaining insight and awareness. This may in turn help clients in gaining self-acceptance and improving one’s own quality of life.

Work with Dan

Therapy may be seen as an experience based on what each person decides to bring to therapy: an experience where a person can speak about whatever they like, in a safe space, without the confines that society often places on us. The relationship between a person and the therapist leads to healing. Dan hopes to assist his clients and he values all that he learns and continues to learn from his clients. As a counselling psychologist, Dan hopes to assist people with a vast range of difficulties such as depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, trauma and loss, life challenges, career difficulties and other life stage challenges.

He is particularly interested in:
Adult and adolescent psychotherapy
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Parent Infant Psychotherapy
Group work/therapy

Contact Dan:
084 521 7553