Andriane Crabbia

Andriane Crabbia
Clinical Psychologist

Andriane trained at Wits University and the University of the Free State (cum laude).
Her approach to therapy involves creating a safe space where people feel free to express themselves and explore possibilities of emotional growth. Although she is informed in systemic, narrative and cognitive-behavioural therapies, her approach to therapy is mostly influenced by psychoanalytic theory. She believes every person has the human potential and ability for lasting growth and change. She is passionate about helping people to live a more authentic life and believes in a therapy that doesn’t centre around working with sickness, but rather wellness.

Other Interesting Information about Andriane…

Andriane has a wide range of interest in her practice and has worked with children, teens, families and adults. She is particularly interested in eating disorders and the unconscious dynamics around feeding, nurturance and self-image. She is also focused on parent-child attachment and the adjustment that occurs in the transition towards motherhood/ parenting. Her focus is on offering post-partum support to parents that will help them to take better care of themselves and their baby.

Andriane did her undergraduate studies and Honours degree at Wits University and her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of the Free State. She enjoyed community work during this period such as working on the Phelophepa community health train as well as working at Baragwanath hospital. Her focus here was on child and adolescent work, especially assessments and emotional issues of depression, anxiety, gender identity, suicidality, teenage pregnancy, rape, trauma and other abuse in these disadvantaged communities. She also worked at Tara Hospital in the Eating Disorder’s ward where her interest in this scope of practice began. In this time, she enjoyed working in a multi-disciplinary team with other professionals such as psychiatrists and social workers.

She also worked together with a remedial therapist doing qualitative assessments of pre-primary school children and assisted in school readiness testing at a private school. During this period , she was involved in bullying workshops and talks at schools raising awareness in children, parents and teachers around issues such as bullying, depression, anxiety, self-mutilation and eating disorders.

She is very interested in cultural identity and her Honours thesis was on African identity focussing on Black females living in South Africa. South Africa has tied to its back a history of Black oppression and similarly the position of Women historically has also been one of oppression. This study was interested in how the socio-political historical transformation in South Africa has impacted on the identity of Black females. Her findings displayed how a transition has occurred from the degradation to the celebration of Black female African identity.

In her Masters year she conducted a study on Peer-group Socialisation and Emotional Intelligence as predictors of depression in adolescents. This was motivated by the ever-increasing rates in suicide amongst adolescents, particularly male adolescents. Furthermore, the safety and efficacy of antidepressants for children and adolescents is an escalating concern and as a result this study aimed to highlight the emphasis on therapeutic interventions. The study highlighted the importance of learning skills to identify and express emotions and showed that raising awareness of difficult emotions lessens the need to mask these symptoms with acting out behaviours.

Working with Andriane…

My aim is to help clients be mindful of their struggles and pain and to help them to draw on their strengths to take the next steps towards an attainment of inner harmony and wellness.

Special interests…

Mother-child attachment.

Post-partum support for parents.

Eating disorders.

Working with teens.

Anxiety and depression.

Adult therapy.


“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise” Sigmund Freud

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