Lynn van ‘t Hof

Educational Psychologist

Lynn van ‘t Hof has been practicing as an Educational Psychologist for almost twenty years
and has worked in schools, corporates and communities during this period. Her particular
focus has been on working with children, adolescents, parents and teachers, as well as
running various training programmes in this regard.
During this time, her love of positive psychology developed, leading her to explore how we
can develop coherent life stories, using an understanding of what is strong in each of us, and
how this understanding can develop our meaning-making, and buffer us against the
challenges and obstacles we encounter during our journeys. She believes that the deep
understanding offered by the traditional frameworks of psychology, combined with the
research and perspectives of positive psychology, provide a hopeful and growth-orientated
approach to therapy and training.
Lynn worked in Human Resources before completing her BA Hons (Cum Laude) at UNISA,
followed by her Masters in Educational Psychology at Wits. After working full-time in
Independent schools in Johannesburg for many years, and establishing and managing a
trauma counselling unit with a police station in Johannesburg for part of this time, Lynn
relocated to Cape Town. Apart from her private practice, Lynn has a community
involvement with Partners for Possibility, and has been running a strengths-based whole
school programme in a school in Cape Town for the past two years.

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