Cailin Sonderup

Occupational Therapist

Before joining Mindful Psychology, Cailin trained at Wits University, receiving her
honors in Occupational Therapy in 2012. Cailin has spent the past five years
working in hospitals, schools and community settings. Working within
neurodevelopmental and sensory integration frameworks, triggered a passionate
curiosity regarding the role of perceptual processes that underlie our ability to self
regulate, self-soothe, and cope constructively in the face of stress and anxiety. Cailin
subsequently completed her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at the University
of the North-West. Her thesis explored effective Positive Psychology Interventions,
namely those rooted in mindful-based- cognitive-therapy, with the aim of alleviating
stress and anxiety related symptoms in middle childhood. Constructive coping,
sensory processing, self-regulation and mindfulness are four key areas underlying
her Occupational Therapy work with children. Merging frameworks within the field
of Occupation Therapy (bottom-top regulation) and those within psychology (largely
cortical-down regulation) is, in her opinion, critical if we wish to create sustainable
and effective interventions targeting well-being.
During individual and group therapy, children are introduced to the basics of
mindfulness and self-regulation in an easy-to- understand and playful way. Such skills
are rapidly becoming an integral part of the landscape of life and serve to support
and enhance learning, emotional intelligence and overall well-being. Therapy aims to
intentionally cultivate capacities that help children constructively cope in today’s
complex and fast paced world so they can continue to learn, grow and contribute to
what is uniquely theirs in this world.

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