Michael and Deborah began to create a space together where not only they could work but a space which started to attract like-minded psychologists and professionals with similar values and ideas. This space became the home of Mindful, Johannesburg.

It was not long before Mindful in Cape Town was established, headed by Tracy Kruger. Her enthusiasm and drive, merged with the mindful vision, takes us one step further towards creating a collaborative space characterized by learning, creativity and personal development.

Mindful continues to evolve into a collaborative professional space where clients find a space to explore their difficulties, hardships, journey’s and personal growth in a calm and welcoming setting with a therapist they feel comfortable working with.

We have had the privilege of having some amazing professionals join our team. We value the unique input and the energy each team member and client brings into the Mindful space. We hope that Mindful will grow to be a unique, comfortable and trusted environment for all who enter here.